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Optimize Your Immunity with iON and Keep Pain Away!

Menstrual Pain, Migraines, Knee Pain, and Low Back Pain

Have you given up
on your pain?

Are you thinking that "pain relief = medication"?
There is a way to tackle your pain at its roots without relying on painkillers!
iON Pain Therapy optimizes the immune cells in your body and reduces inflammation, which is the root cause of pain.

Most pain is caused by inflammation!

Immune cells have an important role in reducing and converging inflammation.
If immune cells are not in an optimal state,
inflammation cannot be reduced and the pain becomes chronic and persistent.
「iON」 optimizes the immune system and reduces inflammation,
which is directly related to pain relief.

Recommended for those
who have the following conditions

iON Pain Therapy is an immunotherapy
that relieves and removes various types of pain.

“Menstrual pain is very painful. “I am just in lots of pain.” “I can't maximize my athletic performance because of the body aches.” “My legs hurt so much that I can't take my favorite walks.”
  • Menstrual pain
  • Migraines
  • Knee and Back pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Hernia
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
There is no need to
give up doing something because of pain!
We can help you tackle various kinds of pain, from everyday pain to pain caused by sports and training. 「iON」 can free you from pain and improve the quality of your life.


iON Pain Therapy is an immune system treatment
that can alleviate and eliminate various types of pain.

By optimizing immune cells using iON, the inflammatory response can be suppressed. This optimization of the immune system, such as activating M2 macrophages, effectively reduces inflammation, which is the origin of pain.

Through 「iON」 therapy, by allowing the body's immune system to function normally, we can reduce the root cause of pain, which is inflammation.
Inflammation is a major cause of aging, and skin problems often originate from inflammation. Of course, aging also occurs on your skin.
By reducing inflammation through the optimization of immune cells, we can also prevent skin aging.
We will perform subcutaneous injections with minimal pain once a week for a total of four weeks to ensure that the drug can be fully distributed and absorbed by your body.
Through blood tests, we can visualize your inflammation index, so you can not only feel the alleviation of inflammation but also see the results in the data.

What is iON?

iON is a factor that adjusts immune function to its optimal level and also serves as a precursor to vitamin D3. Because the molecular structures of iON are structures which are originally present in the human body, it has virtually no side effects. This product is manufactured by a pharmaceutical company in Germany and has obtained CE certification.
(※) CE certification is a mark of certification a regulatory standard that verifies certain products are safe for sale and use in the European Economic Area.

Four reasons to choose iON

  • Almost
    no side effects

    Because iON has the same molecular structures as substances that originally exist in the human body, it has almost no side effects.

  • Less burden
    on the body

    Because a thin syringe needle is used, the patients can almost feel no pain and the burden on the body is low.

  • Radical solution to pain

    Instead of using painkillers to mask the pain, iON therapy works on the root cause of the pain.

  • Improve your skin health and immunity

    Not only does it reduce pain, but it also makes your skin beautiful and improves your immunity, making you more resistant to viruses.

Customer Testimonials

  • Menstrual Pain
    25-year-old Female

    When I began to menstruate for the first time, I didn't experience the pain so much. However, the pain gradually worsened after I entered high school. Sometimes, the pain was so terrible that going to school itself was pretty challenging for me, and painkillers became essential in my daily life. Even after turning 20, my symptoms continued to worsen, and I felt there was no choice but to endure the pain, resorting to taking pain relievers repeatedly.
    At that time, by chance, I learned about this clinic and decided to undergo iON therapy. After the second treatment, I distinctly felt that the pain had eased when I menstruated.
    After completing four sessions of treatment, I no longer experienced any pain, even during my monthly periods. Not only did the pain disappear, but the irritability and overeating during PMS and menstruation were also reduced. I genuinely feel that receiving this treatment was a great decision. I would like to recommend this treatment to my family and friends who are also suffering from period pain!
    To the doctors and staff at Tokyo CR Clinic, thank you very much.

  • Migraines
    16-year-old, High School Freshman

    My son received iON pain treatment.
    He is currently a first-year high school student, and he has been suffering from "migraines'' since he was very young. Therefore, He always carried headache medicine with him every day. Through the introduction of an acquaintance, I learned about iON pain therapy, which focuses on enhancing immunity to reduce inflammation, which is the cause of pain. Moreover, knowing that this treatment uses the substances that are naturally available in the body so this treatment is safe without side effects, we decided to undergo the treatment.
    We consulted with the doctor and began to receive the iON treatment. Right after the treatment, my son simply said "I don’t feel much of a difference." However, on the following day and the day after that, he mentioned, "I found out that I didn’t have to take the medicine since my head doesn’t hurt."
    Additionally, he mentioned that during club activities, he could now participate in playing rugby without the pressure caused by headaches.
    Following this, we repeated the treatment 2 to 3 times, and he has now fully recovered.
    As a parent, I often heard him complain "My head hurts, I am not feeling well." previously but now I hardly hear those complaints. I am pretty grateful for your help this time.

  • Joint Pain
    63-year-old Female

    After turning 50, I began to feel knee pain.
    Sometimes, when I stood up after sitting in seiza for a long time, I would experience knee pain. However, since the pain didn't last long, I didn't pay much attention to it.
    Five years later, I suddenly felt severe pain in my right knee which lasted for a while, making it extremely difficult for me to walk. Although I sought help from orthopedists and osteopaths, they all told me that there was no effective treatment. When I felt helpless, I found iON pain treatment offered by CR Clinic through a search engine.
    Although I had some reservations about why this treatment could only be received in this clinic, when I heard that this was a treatment without side effects, I decided to give it a try.

    Prior to this, due to the pain, I couldn't go for walks with my beloved grandson as often, and I spent most of my time at home, experiencing more depressed days. However, after undergoing the treatment, my pain has been relieved, and I've gradually been able to go for walks again.
    With the reduction in pain, my mood has lightened, and the world has become much more beautiful in my eyes. From now on, I plan to increase my outings and create more wonderful memories with my grandson. Thank you very much.

Treatment Procedure

  • Explanation and Consultation with the Physician

    After receiving counseling from a counselor, you will undergo an explanation of the treatment and a consultation with a physician.

  • Administration of "iON" (A total of 4 Sessions)

    Subsequently, “iON” will be administered through subcutaneous injections once a week for a total of four sessions.

At our clinic, we provide the latest treatment aimed at reducing inflammation, the root cause of pain, by optimizing your own immune system.
Rather than passive symptomatic treatments for temporary relief of symptoms, our goal is to provide radical treatment to maintain a pain-free state over the long term. This treatment serves as a new option for individuals who are taking pain relievers daily to mask their pain or are unsatisfied with other kinds of treatments.

Medical Fees

iON 88,000 Yen /
4sessions(Tax included)
iON Plus 110,000 Yen /
4sessions(Tax included)


You can inquire via email, LINE, or phone.