Optimize Your Immunity with iON and Keep Allergy Away!

Hay fever、Bronchial Asthma、Allergic Rhinitis

Have you given up on your allergies?

iON Allergy Therapy optimizes the immune cells in your body and reduces inflammation, which is the root cause of allergies.

There is a way to improve allergies
by addressing their root cause!

Immune cells have an important role in reducing and converging inflammation.
If immune cells are not in an optimal state, inflammation cannot be reduced and the allergies become chronic and persistent.
「iON」 optimizes the immune system and reduces inflammation, which is directly related to relief of allergies.

Recommended for those
who have the following conditions

iON Allergy Therapy is an immunotherapy
that relieves and removes various types of allergies.

Hay fever, Bronchial Asthma, Allergic rhinitis, Allergic bronchitis, Allergic conjunctivitis, Atopic dermatitis, Metal Allergy, Animal allergy, Urticaria...
Allergies are caused
by an overactive immune system.
By optimizing the immune system using iON, the overactive immune system can be suppressed and the allergy symptoms can be improved.


By optimizing immune cells using iON, the inflammatory response can be suppressed. This optimization of the immune system, such as activating M2 macrophages, effectively reduces inflammation, which is the root cause of allergies.

Through 「iON」 therapy, by allowing the body's immune system to function normally, we can reduce the root cause of allergies, which is inflammation.

What is iON?

iON is a factor that adjusts immune function to its optimal level and also serves as a precursor to vitamin D3. Because the molecular structures of iON are structures which are originally present in the human body, it has virtually no side effects. This product is manufactured by a pharmaceutical company in Germany and has obtained CE certification.
(※) CE certification is a mark of certification a regulatory standard that verifies certain products are safe for sale and use in the European Economic Area.

Four reasons to choose iON

  • Almost no side effects

    Because iON has the same molecular structures as substances that originally exist in the human body, it has almost no side effects.

  • Less burden on the body

    Because a thin syringe needle is used, the patients can almost feel no pain and the burden on the body is low.

  • Radical solution to allergies

    Instead of using symptomatic treatment to relieve symptoms, iON therapy works on the root cause of the allergies.

  • Improve your skin health and immunity

    Not only does it reduce allergies, but it also makes your skin beautiful and improves your immunity, making you more resistant to viruses.

Customer Testimonials

  • Hay fever
    54-year-old Male

    I had always been disease-free in the past. However, after I turned 50, I suddenly started having itchy eyes and a stuffy nose, followed by itchy skin (red and inflamed) that lasted every year from January to the end of May. It was complete hay fever.

    One or two years after I began to have hay fever, the itching and inflammation of my skin was so severe that I could not sleep at night because of the terrible itching unless I took medicine and applied ointment. At that time, I came across the iON therapy. After 3-4 days of the treatment, my stuffy nose improved and my itchy eyes were relieved. Although I still had some redness in my skin, by the third session, the redness and itchiness were gone, and my hay fever symptoms were completely gone, too.
    I was free from medication and stress.

    Three years have passed since then, and I am able to spend the rest of the year without any problems.
    I have nothing but gratitude. I would like to thank the doctors and staff at Tokyo CR Clinic for all their help and support.

  • Hay fever
    32-year-old Female

    I had always had a hard time with hay fever, but, this year, a friend introduced me to iON allergy therapy at CR clinic and now I have no symptoms at all!!

    Spring has never been so easy for me (;;) In the past, every year, I wanted to take my eyes and nose off to wash them directly and I was unwilling to go outside since it was too uncomfortable for me.
    I couldn’t breathe, I couldn't stop sneezing. I had a hard time, but now I don't have those symptoms anymore!
    In fact, I feel more peaceful now.

    Maybe this treatment was just occasionally a good fit for me, but if you have hay fever and are having a hard time, you may want to go for a consultation once!
    It was really good, so I had to share.

  • Asthma
    32-year-old Male

    Asthma symptoms appeared during the change of season from summer to autumn. Especially when I was sleeping, the unstoppable cough made it hard for me to sleep well.

    As a result, I had sleep deprivation. I had given up on tackling it as it happened every year.
    I found iON Allergy Therapy when I was searching on the Internet to see if there was any treatment available and decided to give it a try. The deciding factor was that it reduces the inflammation that causes asthma by optimizing autoimmunity. Another significant reason for me to try it is that there are no side effects at all. After the second and third sessions, my cough stopped and by the fourth session, I have been able to sleep pretty well. I realize that asthma can actually be cured by boosting my immune system.
    I learned the awesomeness of cutting-edge medical treatment. Thank you very much.

Treatment Procedure

  • Explanation and Consultation with the Physician

    After receiving counseling from a counselor, you will undergo an explanation of the treatment and a consultation with a physician.

  • Administration of "iON" (A total of 4 Sessions)

    Subsequently, “iON” will be administered through subcutaneous injections once a week for a total of four sessions.

At our clinic, Instead of providing treatment targeting specific types of allergies, we provide the latest treatment aimed at reducing inflammation, the root cause of allergies, by optimizing your own immune system.

Rather than passive symptomatic treatments for temporary relief of symptoms, our goal is to provide radical treatment to maintain an allergy-free state over the long term. This treatment serves as a new option for individuals who are taking medicine daily to relieve their allergies or are unsatisfied with other kinds of treatments.

Medical Fees

iON 88,000 Yen /
4 sessions (Tax included)
iON Plus 110,000 Yen /
4 sessions(Tax included)


You can inquire via email, LINE, or phone.